The best medicines start with the best targets

We believe patients deserve better medicines. We use human genetics to accelerate your drug development journey and increase your return on  investment.
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Genetics Experts

Your in-house team of human genetics experts. Led by clinician scientists.

We’ve assembled clinician scientist and human genetics expertise so you don’t have to.

Attract investment.

You and your investors need to know if human genetics supports your drug development program.

We’re your in-house team of genetics experts that provides that evidence.

Investment In Biotech

Increase your return on investment.

De-risk your investment in biotech and late-stage drug development programs using human genetics.

Billions of points of data—and algorithms to make sense of it all

We have secured the world’s largest genetics datasets. We then use algorithms to determine the best targets for your disease of interest.

Human Genetics

We use human genetics to help you:

1.  Identify & validate drug targets
2. Anticipate side effects
3. Expand indications
4. Select ideal participants for trials

Our Impact

Testiminial Logo is accelerating drug development for biotech, increasing investment return for VCs, and helping large pharma make human genetics-based investments in their pipelines.

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