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About Us

Our Story

We believe patients deserve better medicines. Our mission is to help biotech, venture capitalists and pharma improve their pipeline investments using human genetics.

Approximately 95% of drug development programs fail—most often because the drug’s target is not causal. We and others have recognized that human genetics is the most efficient way to reliably identify causal drug targets.

Drug development programs supported by human genetics are 2-4-fold more likely to reach the market. Because of this, large pharma often refuse to fund drug development programs unless they are strongly supported by human genetic evidence.

We are academics who have worked for 16 years generating, analyzing and critiquing human genetic evidence. We launched 5 Prime Sciences to provide these services to biotech, venture capitalists and pharmaceutical companies.

To do so we are committed to standing on the forefront of advances in human genetics, bioinformatics, clinical medicine and AI to deliver better medicines to our patients.

Our Team

Brent Richards, MD, MSc

CEO and Founder

Brent is a Professor of Medicine and Human Genetics at McGill University and a Senior Lecturer at King’s College London. He has trained in clinical medicine, human genetics, statistics and epidemiology and is a practicing Endocrinologist.

He was elected to the American Society for Clinical Investigation and the Royal Society of Canada College of New Scholars.

He has worked extensively with drug development teams in industry to use human genetics to identify and validate drug targets. He is a member of GSK’s International Scientific Advisory Board for Human Genetics.


Vince Forgetta, PhD

Chief Bioinformatician

Vince has over 20 years of experience in genomics research and high-performance computing. He has developed polygenic prediction of osteoporosis and fracture in humans and predicted drug targets using human genomics. He has led large-scale international collaborations to publications in journals like Nature and Nature Genetics. Vince is responsible for all bioinformatics pipelines.

Yossi Farjoun, PhD

Chief Biostatistician

Yossi trained in Applied Mathematics at UC Berkeley. More recently he has gained extensive experience in genomics working at the Data Science Platform at the Broad Institute. At 5 Prime Sciences, Yossi is responsible for developing AI genomics tools and cloud computing.


Jasmine Chong, PhD

Bioinformatics Scientist

Jasmine is a versatile bioinformatician with a background in biology and software development. During her PhD, she developed -omics analysis platforms used by 300,000 researchers worldwide. She has also completed her Master’s degree in Epidemiology from McGill University.

At 5 Prime Sciences, Jasmine undertakes analyses and supports translation of their findings to our clients.


Our scientists regularly publish in field-leading journals. Check out a selection of our findings:

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