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16 May 2024

Innovation Through Collaboration: A Partnership with GSK.

Montreal, Canada — 5 Prime Sciences is pleased to announce an ongoing collaborative effort with GSK, aimed at enabling human genetics-informed drug discovery.

Robert Scott, VP Human Genetics at GSK, stated, “Working with 5 Prime Sciences helps us to develop and apply new tools to support genetically-informed drug development.”

Scientists at both teams are developing novel methodologies to accelerate drug development.

Brent Richards, CEO at 5 Prime, added, “5 Prime is excited to work with GSK, helping to invent new methods that could impact the way genetics is used in R&D”

09 May 2024

Montreal, Canada — 5 Prime Sciences, a biotechnology data analytics company focused on using human genetics to accelerate drug development, is announcing a strategic collaboration with Eli Lilly and Company dedicated to accelerating target discovery and early development in the field of cardio-metabolic diseases.

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06 May 2024

5Prime attends BIO Conference in San Diego

Montreal, Canada — We’re delighted to announce that 5Prime will be attending the upcoming BIO Conference in San Diego! This event is not just a conference; it’s an invitation to join us on a journey of discovery and innovation in drug development. We’re excited to connect with industry leaders, share insights, and explore exciting opportunities together. Stay tuned for updates from the conference!

01 May 2024


Montreal, Canada — Advancements in genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have significantly deepened our understanding of complex diseases and enabled drug targets prioritization through the detection of causal variants. In fact, over the past decade, such genetic evidence has doubled the likelihood of expedited FDA approvals (Rusina et al., 2023). However, the effect sizes observed in GWAS merely reflect the outcomes of natural experiments and do not necessarily predict the therapeutic impact of targeting these genes. A classical example is Statin, which can drop your cholesterol by 50% by targeting HMGCR with tiny GWAS effect size.

To search for “needles” of drug target in the “haystack” of GWAS signals, here at @5prime we developed a machine learning algorithm to prioritize genes at GWAS loci, by analyzing relevant GWAS associations and functional genomics annotations. Our latest PRIMEx version demonstrates superior performance with an AUROC of 0.75 and AUPRC of 0.93, predicting known ExWAS signals and Open Target gold-standard genes more effectively than Open Target L2G’s scores. Excited to share more in our upcoming white paper. Stay tuned!